Retiree Health & Welfare

When you retire from UC, you may be eligible to continue your UC-sponsored medical, dental, vision, accidental death and dismemberment, and legal coverage.

Currently UC contributes to the cost of medical and dental premiums for eligible retirees. The amount of the contribution is determined annually, depending on state funding and other factors.


To be eligible for retiree health and welfare benefits, you must retire within 120 days of the date you stopped working for UC in an eligible position. In addition, you normally must:

  • Be enrolled in or eligible to enroll in UC employee benefits on the day you retire;
  • Continue coverage at the time you retire; and
  • Continue coverage until the date your retirement income begins.

Your eligibility and UC's contributions are based on your own UCRP entry date and service credit. To learn more about the UC retiree medical plan, select the appropriate tier below, based on your hire date.


You will receive 100% of UC’s contribution toward the medical and/or dental monthly premiums if:

  • You retire before age 55 and have at least 10 years of UCRP service credit (five years for Safety members).
  • You retire at or after age 55 and have at least five years of UCRP service credit.

The UC contribution toward medical and/or dental plan monthly premiums is based on the following formula:

  • 5–9 years of UCRP service credit: UC will contribute 50% if your age plus your years of service is at least 75; otherwise, you are not eligible.
  • 10 years of UCRP service credit: UC will contribute 50%.
  • 11–20 years of UCRP service credit: UC’s contribution increases from 50% by 5% per year to 100% at 20 years.

You are eligible to enroll provided you are 50 or older and have at least 10 years of service credit at the time you retire.

  • If you retire at age 56 or older, you will receive a percentage of UC’s contribution toward monthly premiums based on your age and years of UCRP service credit at retirement. To receive the maximum UC contribution, you need to retire at age 65 with 20 or more years of service.
  • If you retire between ages 50 and 55, you are eligible to enroll in UC-sponsored health insurance for retirees but will not receive a UC contribution.

*Important note: If a member has a break-in-service longer than 120 days, the member's most recent hire date in a UCRP-eligible position will determine the eligibility rules that apply.