Available Now: UCRSP Fund Fact Sheets

UC is making it easier to learn more about  funds offered through the UC Retirement Savings Program (RSP)—UC’s 403(b), 457(b), and DC Plans. Through working with nationally recognized investment research company Morningstar®, UC has created fund fact sheets for each of the funds on the UCRSP Fund Menu. 

UC is excited to offer this resource to help enhance your retirement investing experience. Whether you are a beginner or expert investor, these fund fact sheets give you information that helps you determine whether an investment is right for you. And they let you quickly and easily evaluate your plan’s investments over time.

Each fund fact sheet is simply formatted so you can find key information easily. Available information includes:

  • Fund overview
  • Historical returns
  • Benchmark information
  • Top 10 holdings
  • Asset allocation
  • Fund expenses
  • Portfolio composition
  • And more


You can find the fund fact sheets on the UCRSP FUND MENU page. Click on the fund name to open the fact sheet.


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Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss.

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